Our App is in the alpha stage, the beta is coming soon.

Welcome to Costs to Expect

The Costs to Expect API


Costs to Expect is a service focused on tracking and forecasting expenses. There are three parts to the service; the Open Source REST API, our App and an Open Source website showing the costs to raise our children to adulthood.

The API is the backbone to our service and is available to anyone who wants it. Our API focuses on expenses; however, that will change as the product matures.

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Costs to Expect

There are three parts to the Costs to Expect service; two are Open Source, the third is Closed Sourced and our commercial product.

  • The Costs to Expect API: Our REST API is Open Source and available under the MIT license.
  • The Costs to Expect App: Our App is our commercial offering. Our App makes tracking and forecasting expenses and costs simple as well as acting as a friendly interface to the API.
  • The Costs to Expect Website: Our Website is a long term social experiment. My wife and I are tracking the expenses to raise our children to the age of 18.

Latest release [v2.07.0]

The latest release of the Costs to Expect API is 2.07.0; we released it on the 1st Feb 2020. Review our changelog(s) to see the history of all our releases.


  • We have added a GET 'auth/check' endpoint; faster check for the Costs to Expect App.


  • We have updated the dependencies for the API.
  • We have enabled URL compression.
  • We now return the user id on sign-in, saves a second request for the Costs to Expect App.
  • We have updated the README, adding links to the App `readme` and `changelog`.
  • We have tweaked two middleware classes to improve performance slightly.


  • The HTTP verb was incorrect for the 'auth/user' endpoint.

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